Andres Lozano's photography

Andres Lozano's Photography

Andrés Lozano

Andrés Lozano (b. 1992, Madrid) is a Spanish painter and illustrator who lives and works in Madrid. He received a BA in Design at Complutense University in Madrid, before receiving a Master of Arts in Illustration and Visual Communication at Camberwell College of the University of Arts in London in 2016. He first began his creative career in illustration before shifting to painting.  

Lozano’s art practice involves paintings that tread the line between art and its process. He visualises bright worlds of solitude featuring lonely characters surrounded by nature and the interiors around them. Inspired by his experiences and memories, Lozano works on large canvases using oil and spray paint through bright and vivid colours with two-dimensional shapes, which allow him to freely play around with the contents of his compositions. Despite the free spirit of his practice, his techniques resemble the figurative works of Guston, Hockney, Raoul Dufy and Matisse, and his subject matter reminisces still life works in art history. He focuses on the process over the result, which allows him to enjoy the process of image-making and depict themes of isolation and comfort.  

His work was recently the subject of an exhibition titled ‘What You See is What You Get’ at La Causa (Madrid, 2022). Other solo shows include ‘Night Shift (duo show with Imon Boy’ at La Causa (2021), ‘En Mi Cuarto’ at Habitación No. 34 (Madrid, 2021) and ‘Houseplants’ at La Causa (2020). Participation in group exhibitions include ‘Opening Group Show’ at Fir Gallery (Beijing, 2022), ‘Self Storage’ at Func Gallery (Shanghai, 2021), ‘Domesticity’ at Volery Gallery (Dubai, 2021), ‘WE CAN ONLY HAVE FUN ON CERTAIN DAYS’ at Warbling (London, 2019), ‘Go for it Cheap’ at OO Los Angeles (Los Angeles, 2018), ‘Solar Punk Festival’ at TU Berlin (Berlin, 2018) and ‘The Urban Experience’ at Artual Gallery (Beirut, Lebanon, 2018). 

His work is in the private collections of collectors from different parts of the globe, including Lebanon, UAE, Turkey, Colombia, Spain, France, Denmark, Singapore, Macau, China and Korea.