Guo Jing's photography

Guo Jing's Photography

Guo Jing

Guo Jing (b. 1985 in Shanxi, China) is a Chinese painter who currently lives and works in Beijing. He graduated from the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2009. His realism paintings defamiliarize things that are familiar to the audience, and will breed uneasy emotions from the images that originate from reality, but are not the same as reality. His images are full of absurd metaphors and symbols, triggering thinking about individual identity and social status.

His works invite audiences to discuss on the presence of things outside of the images. Black humour and absurd ironies are distinct symbols in his work, driving away from realistic themes and instead focusing on disorder and broken logic through still lifes, vague images of figures and gives new meanings to attributes of everyday familiar objects such as doors, plastic bags, and fast food.

His paintings have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in Beijing, such as ‘Single Chorus’ at Red Gate Gallery (2020) and ‘Fallen on Barren’ at Will Space (2018). He has also participated in group exhibitions such as ‘Beyond Images’ at Linda Gallery (Beijing, 2022), ‘Subjective Matter’ at Mojie Museum (Shanxi, 2022), ‘Thoughts on Life’ at Hezhi Museum (Quanzhou, 2021) and ‘Fantasy Night’ at Will Space (Beijing, 2018).

He is the recipient of Artand’s Most Influential Artist, Artand Young Arts Leaders (2021), Artand Artist of the Year in Contemporary Art (2021) and Highest Auction Record Artist. His work has been collected by domestic and foreign art institutions, celebrities, and collectors, including Xiaomi co-founder and vice president Li Wanqiang, CEO of K-BOXING and manager of Hezhi Art Museum Nie Xinyuan, CEO of Kardanland China Walter Van Damme and Austrian film director Stefan Ruzowitzky.