Sally Jerome's Photography

Sally Jerome's Photography

Sally Jerome

Sally Jerome (b. 1990) is a New York born-and-based artist. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012. Based on her encounters with nature while walking New York’s streets during the pandemic, Jerome’s works create a world in which plants and cement co-exist as symbols of psychology and sociology.  

Hope, optimism, and rebirth are present in her paintings, reflecting on the enduring human spirit despite the ever-changing environment. Experience of quilting and collage allowed Jerome to create rhythmic patterns in surfaces and structures, emphasizing on the differences of each singular piece.  

Jerome’s works have been featured in group exhibitions, including ‘Paradise of the Species’ at FluxFactory (Governors Island, NY, 2022), ‘Liquid Frictions’ at Ambar Quijano (Mexico City, Mexico, 2022), ‘Zoonotic Hex’ at Field Projects (New York, NY,2022), ‘Hearsay, Hearsay’ at the Spring Break Art Show (New York, NY, 2021), ‘Art on Paper’ at the Vellum Projects (New York, 2021), The London Art Fair (London, UK, 2021), ‘Malapropism’ at White Columns (New York, 2019), ‘Art Is Money’ at East Village Art View (New York, 2019), ‘Love / Hate’ (Queens, NY, 2019) and ‘in her eye, you see another small eye’ at Melanie Flood Projects (Portland, OR, 2018). 

She has received the Ox-Bow School of Art and Artist Residency Fellowship (2011) and the Florence Leif Award for Women (2012).