Zhang Qingzhu's photography

Zhang QingZhu's Photography

Zhang Qingzhu

Zhang Qingzhu (b. 1980 in Anyang, Henan Province) is a Chinese artist who works and lives in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. He graduated from Henan Normal University in 2004 and the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 2010 with a master’s degree in oil painting. He is currently a professor at the Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences.  

Zhang’s works represent the collective memories of the past, conveying optimistic portrayals of innocence and the simplicity of people and their lives in a rapidly developing China. Inspired by the Chinese cartoonish styles of Feng Zikai and Qi Baishi and the imaginary styles of Salvador Dali and Belgian painter Paul Franco Delvaux, Zhang reflects on nostalgia and youthful hope to deflect from the hardships of reality. 

His work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions such as ‘Fang Hua’ (2022) and ‘Live in Your Heart’ (2021) at OCT Vigliet Art (Shenzhen), ‘When the Swallow Comes’ at Picture Screen Art Space (Ningbo, 2022), ‘The Protagonist of Fantasy’ at Ram Art Museum (Hangzhou, 2021), ‘Everybody Loves the Big Bad’ at K71 Art Space (Shaoxing, 2020), ‘Celebration’ at Golden Cai Gallery (Hangzhou, 2017), ‘Dream Ocean’ at Shaoxing Dream City (Shaoxing, 2017), ‘Ten Years’ at unexpected space (Shaoxing, 2016) ‘Childhood and Dreams’ (2016) and ‘Fancy Childhood’ (2015) at Shanlang Art Space (Hangzhou).  

At the same time, many famous collectors, foundations and prominent families have included Zhang's works in the collection, including Olympic swimmer Sun Yang, founder of Shanghai Art021 Art Fair Ms. Ying Qinglan, founder of Grandma's House Mr. Wu Guoping, founder of QHUI SHUI and COCOON Ms. Ying Cuijian, BEST EXPRESS LilyHe, CEO of K-BOXING Mr. Hong Boming, Steve Leung Design Group Ltd., CEO of Interior Architecture Studio Mr. Shen Lei, CEO of Yang Jun Design Office Mr. Yang Jun, Shanghai Powerlong Art Museum Suzhou Hong Art Museum and Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and other institutions and personal collections.