Helena Revuelta

Helena Revuelta

Helena Revuelta is a Spanish visual artist born in Madrid, who currently lives and works in Malaga. She holds specialty in the plastic arts and graphic design from the School of Art La Palma and the School of Graphic Arts, both in Madrid. She nurtured her artistic skills through workshops under recognized masters of painting and expanded her artistic training in different workshops at the Royal College of Art in London.

Revuelta’s dreamlike landscapes invite the viewer to traverse the plains and take refuge in the spiritual elements that sprout around. Formed in the webs of her imagination, these landscapes are emboldened in contours of blue, evoking calm emotions that reflect on tranquility from the bustling world around us. These elements are reminiscent of the work of Yayoi Kusama and Matthew Wong, while her soft, blurry strokes of paint and crisp outlines evoke that of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Revuelta’s work has been the subject of solo exhibitions including ‘New Dawn’ at Hotel Kempinski (Marbella, 2023), ‘Shaping New Dimensions’ and ‘New Dawn’ at Marina Plaza Showroom (both 2022), ‘Boschland’ at Galeria Orfila (Madrid, 2017), ‘Fantasy Games’ at La Roca Atelier (Malaga, 2016), ‘Spanish Artists in Miami’ at Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery (Miami, 2015) and ‘Yesterday’s Truth is Today’s Letdown’ at Galeria Orfila (Madrid, 2014).

Selected group exhibitions include ‘Verano’ at OCCO Art Gallery (Madrid, 2023), ‘Brujas’ at Centro Cultural Mieres (Mieres, 2021), ‘Camino hacía la esclavitud’ at Centro Cultural de Okendo (San Sebastian, 2018), ‘Al tempo delle streghe’ at Muestra D’Arte Contemporanea (Benevento, 2018) and ‘Puro Arte’ at Magpie Gallery (Marbella, 2017).

She has also shown in art fairs held in Spain, Germany, France, Luxembourg, the United States, and Korea. Her work is in private collections in Spain, Iran, and the UAE.