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Art Central 2023

Hong Kong
21 - 25 Mar, 2023
SENS Gallery | Art Central 2023
SENS Gallery | Art Central 2023

SENS Gallery is pleased to announce its debut participation in Art Central 2023. The inaugural booth will bring together 11 artists from across the globe: Andrés Lozano (b. 1992, Spain), David Surman (b. 1981, UK), Emily Pope (b. 1993, Canada), Fan Jing (b. 1983, China), Guo Jing (b. 1985, China), Jess Xiaoyi Han (b. 1997, China), Kora Moya Rojo (b. 1993, Spain), Leyli Rashidi Rauf (b. 1986, Iran), Sara Bonache (b. 1991, Spain), Tosin Kalejaye (b. 1992, Nigeria) and Zhu Xinyu (b. 1980, China).  

The artworks selected in SENS Gallery’s booth highlight the vivacity of the new gallery, and best represents our mission to cultivating and promoting art that stands for inclusiveness, diversity and uniqueness. These artworks will be exhibited to the Hong Kong public for the first time, offering a glimpse into the ‘new contemporary’ art of international emerging artists and their introduction to a new, excited audience.  

Bulbous forms and flora nestle within the confines of nature in the works of Kora Moya Rojo and Sara Bonache. Alongside the vivacious colours of Andrés Lozano and Jess Xiaoyi Han, is a cheery atmosphere complemented further by the dynamic movements of David Surman’s animals. In contrast, darker colour schemes are prominent in the otherworldly compositions of Zhu Xinyu, the cradling gloved figure by Emily Pope, hanging alongside Chinese artist Fan Jing’s paintings of surrealist ballerinas and Guo Jing’s realist paintings. A portrait of a young African boy by Nigerian artist Tosin Kalejaye and a realistic mirror reflection by Leyli Rashidi Rauf will explore the complexities of human nature.