Emily Pope's photography

Emily Pope's Photography

Emily Pope

Emily Pope (b. 1993, Canada) is a painter who lives and works in Toronto. With a background in the film industry as an art director and graphic designer, Pope’s approach to painting is constructed with careful curations of scenery and character analysis. As a self-taught artist, Pope’s works explore experiences of womanhood through stylistic approaches reminiscent of neorealism. Her paintings create a life brought out from the ethereal world she dreams about.

Pope conceives her illustrations from an idea and a sketch, often creating a collage on Photoshop first before painting on the canvas. Most of the forms in her recent paintings come from selfies or her imagination, taking inspiration from Baroque, Rococo and Surrealist paintings. Her paintings reflect on the luxuries of discomfort from isolation at home, through a classical lens.

She has participated in the “Looking Glass” group exhibition (2022) at Dahlia SL Gallery in Prince Edward County in Canada. Her art has been featured in film and television, including upcoming feature film “Matt and Mara” (2022), “Brooke & Sam” (2021), “Titans – Season 3” (2021) and “Nurses – Season 2” (2020). She is art direction and graphic design supervisor for “Bria Mack Gets a Life!” (2022, in production), “Workin’ Moms Season 7” (2022), “1UP” (2021), “9 Films About Technology” (2020), “The Hardy Boys – Season 1” (2019) and “The Nest” (2019).