Fan Jing's photography

Fan Jing's Photography

Fan Jing

Fan Jing (b. 1983, China) is a Chinese painter who lives and works in Beijing. She received a BA in Oil Painting at the College of Fine Arts at Capital Normal University and returned to complete an MA in Oil Painting. Fan Jing’s human figures in her work derive from Surrealist and expressionist painting. Her paintings explore traditional motifs and symbols about women and self-identity, in attempts to disturb gender expectations.

Her work prominently features ballet dancers and acrobats, which can prompt one to view the similarities with the work of Edgar Degas. Fan Jing’s style is reminiscent of Cubist elements, emphasizing on the shapes and forms of figures and their clothing to accentuate the ideas about motifs and symbols about womanhood. Her paintings are critical of the truth, often stemmed from imagination. Through painting, she breaks away the sense of harmony and creates work that provoke the viewer to think and interpret the context in their own ways.

Her work has been the subject of an exhibition titled “STORIES” at OOOOT Small Space in Beijing (2020). She has participated in group exhibitions such as “MY! About Me” at Enjoy-Art Museum, Beijing (2022), “Inspiration” at Linda Gallery, Berlin (2022), The 2nd Fine Arts Exhibition of College Students, Beijing (2022) and “Homologous Reproduction” at Nanluo Bookstore, Beijing (2020) and at art fairs such as the 3rd Anren Biennale (2022), Beijing Contemporary Expo (online, 2022), Paris Asian Art Fair, Paris (2022) and the Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair (2022). She is the recipient of the Phoenix New Art Star Prize from Art Nova in 2021.