Koro Moya Rojo's Photography

Kora Moya Rojo's Photography

Kora Moya Rojo

Kora Moya-Rojo (b. 1993,Spain) lives and works in London. She received a BA in Fine Art from the University of Murcia in Spain in 2015. Her vibrant other worldly paintings and sculptures investigate her experiences with personal displacement, fluidity, woman hood, and nostalgia.

Influenced by 17th century female still life artists like Rachel Ruysch and Clara Peeters, Moya-Rojo’s rotund embodiments come together to create dream like scenes that are simultaneously foreign yet familiar. She recently expanded her practice to food, creating a link between art and gastronomy to reflect on her inter cultural experiences between Spain and the UK.

Recent exhibitions include ‘Dark Roots’ at Liliya Art Gallery (London, UK, 2022), ‘Soho RevueGallery x The Little Scarlet Door’ in Soho (London, UK, 2022), ‘Realities’ with The Artistellar in Shoreditch (London, UK, 2021), and ‘Every Woman Biennial’ at The Copeland Gallery (London, UK, 2021). Latest features include Friend of the Artist and All She Makes. Moya-Rojo is part of the Winsor & Newton private art collection. She recently finished her residency at Joya Air (Spain, 2021) and is currently a resident at Cobertizo (Mexico, 2022).