Zhu Xinyu's photography

Zhu Xinyu's Photography

Zhu Xinyu

Zhu Xinyu (b. 1980, Liaoning) is a Chinese artist. Zhu graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in Shenyang and is currently working in Beijing. He constructs imaginary worlds that focus on atmosphere. His work consistently transform in colours and shapes, changing the image layer by layer to form geometric landscapes that echo the real visual world.  

Zhu uses paintings to express his understanding of the world and forms of life. He views the world as having different appearances and draws from what he sees. Scenes and spaces enforce the power of emotions. Through graffiti as a starting point, Zhu is drawn to the narratives present within space and time, looking upon the mathematical, the spiritual and the natural elements, and constantly changes the picture during the process. 

He has had solo exhibitions such as ‘Wonder of Time’ at GOME Art Foundation (Beijing, 2018), ‘Hu Xingyu Works of Paper’ at HdM Gallery (Beijing, 2015), ‘Turbid Landscapes’ at Galerie Paris-Beijing (Brussels, Belgium, 2014), ‘Drunk House’ at ART SEASONS (Singapore, 2012) and ‘AMBER’ at ART SEASONS (Beijing, 2011). Zhu has participated in group shows such as the ASIA NOW - Asian Art Fair presented by Atkis Gallery (Paris, 2022), the ‘GOME Art Foundation Collection Exhibition’ (Beijing, 2017), ‘Ulysses’ Gaze’ at Jinge Culture and Art (Beijing, 2016), ‘Don’t Look Back’ at Galerie Paris-Beijing (Paris, 2014), ‘NEW FIGURATION: CHAPTER 1’ at HdM Gallery (Beijing, 2013) and ‘Out of Beyond – Exhibition of Ten’ at Shun Art (Shanghai, 2007).